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Weight Loss

re you ready to be at peace with your body? Have you had enough of struggling with your body image, your weight, what you eat, and your self-esteem? Maybe by now you understand that this isn’t a simple issue of self-control or will power and counting calories. Food is a very emotional subject. We all have reasons why we eat the way we do and why we look the way we do. In the last few decades America has seen an explosion of weight issues, with two thirds of us now being overweight or obese. Simultaneously we've seen an explosion of other health issues, from depression to ADD to auto-immune disorders and diabetes. What is the common theme? It's the Standard American Diet (SAD). We are not eating nutritious, sustainable food, but are hooked on cheap, convenient processed foods. Believe it or not, we are malnourished, even while overweight. Most of us are looking to food to meet lots of psychological needs and often unaware of how poorly our actual physical needs are getting met. However, just reading books about this, like Dr. Mark Hyman's "The Ultramind Solution" or "The Ultrasimple Diet," doesn't change the fact that food is an enormously psychological issue. Weight issues have to be addressed simultaneously through an understanding of the sciences of nutrition, addiction and psychology.

I have found that underneath people’s food issues are really important needs that need to be met, beliefs that need updating, and wounds that need healing. I help people uncouple the emotional baggage from understanding how to feel good in a natural sustainable way. Once you learn how to really care for your body and feel good naturally, you can free yourself from the conflicted relationship with food and your body that most Americans struggle with. It is truly liberating to not be at the mercy of cravings and self-sabotaging habits. Weight issues are actually a symptom of an overall imbalance that is not simply physical or psychological; it's both. When you heal this imbalance, many other issues typically get addressed as well, such as co-dependency, fatigue, chronic pain, depression or any number of other symptoms.

My goal is for you to be at a healthy, comfortable weight, but more importantly for you to have a cleaner, freer relationship with yourself and your body. This doesn’t happen in a couple of sessions, but unlike dieting, the changes come from the core, and are therefore more permanent. I have created a unique form of therapy that combines some of the most cutting-edge techniques for healing and transforming both psychological and physical issues.

If you are ready to invest in your peace of mind, comfort, happiness and health, I’d be happy to help you on your journey of healing your food and weight issues. I’ve been helping people with this issue successfully for many years and I enjoy this process very much. I have spent years learning about this topic from many angles so that I can offer people a truly comprehensive approach. Call or e-mail with questions, or if you’d like, set up an appointment.

     “I sought out Julisa for help with weight issues and depression that had plagued me for years. Not only have I seen a tremendous improvement in those symptoms, but I have also learned how to delve into my subconscious mind and find their underlying causes. I have been shocked and amazed to discover how many factors, big and small, old and new, have contributed to the extra pounds. This is not a quick-fix weight loss fad. This is a real, lasting solution with benefits that ripple out into every area of my life.
     "Thanks to Julisa’s help, I am finally learning to heal the root causes of my weight problem and, in so doing, healing a number of my issues as well! I also appreciate the wealth of practical nutritional information she has shared with me. Through a combination of therapy and amino acid supplements, I am no longer on anti-depressants. I have more energy and confidence, and I am exercising my way to good health! Best of all, I am learning to love and honor myself as I am now while still working toward a healthier, happier me!” - Rachel, Boulder

dult child of alcholics (ACOA) or co-dependency issues have at their core the childhood experience of having to disconnect from oneself and focus on others. Therapy focuses on how to be centered in your own experience, to be in touch with your own feelings, needs and healthy boundaries. Working through co-dependency/ACOA issues makes intimate relationships more healthy, less frustrating and more stable. Therapy creates more clarity about what is one's own responsibility and what is not. It helps with anxiety, confusion, giving your power away and frustration. Co-dependency can also be the root of various other issues, including: food issues, self-esteem issues, other addictions and depression, along with intimacy issues or professional issues. Therapy includes recovering the missing experiences of self-awareness, self-expression or empowerment. It includes releasing trauma and the erroneous unconscious beliefs associated with abuse or neglect. This allows us to make truly conscious choices.

have been helping people deal with physical illness since 1994. I’ve been fascinated by the mind/body connection for a long time, and this is how I developed a specialty in psychoneuroimmunology. There is plenty of research to validate the idea that the illnesses that modern medicine is least capable of addressing are the ones with a strong body-mind connection, typically the auto-immune disorders, ‘life-style’ illnesses, chronic pain, and illnesses associated with trauma. For many years, I have worked with people to help them form a healing relationship with their body and immune system, including recovery from surgery, HIV positive clients, and cancer patients.

Recently I have been blessed with two incredible tools, which make this work as effective as I had always hoped it would be. One is the groundbreaking work by a Boulder neurologist, Robert Scaer. After running a pain clinic for thirty years, he wrote two amazing books on trauma, dissociation and illness. The books are The Body Bares the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation and Disease and The Trauma Spectrum. In these books, Dr. Scaer clearly explains the psychophysical foundation of autoimmune disorders and chronic pain.

The link is the ‘freeze’ response, which is a natural survival mechanism, just as ‘fight or flight’ are also functions of the instinct for survival common to all mammals. Freeze is associated with helplessness, such as childhood trauma, car accidents, medical intrusions and work place or military ongoing stress. Because of our complex brain and social norms, we typically have not understood the potency or the frequency of the freeze response, nor have we had access to the natural discharge processes that animals use. Freeze involves the reflex to protect oneself, with all of the nervous system activation that that implies, combined with a survival based sort of paralysis or dissociation. This is common for children growing up in volatile or abusive homes because they can’t escape the threat. The nervous system gets overloaded with intense activation, which does not get discharged. Even for people who have 'dealt' with their childhood in talk therapy, the nervous system can still hold a tremendous amount of survival oriented energy locked deep inside. Over time this can lead any one of a long list of medical conditions.

The second tool, which has proved powerfully effective in treating these conditions, is Brainspotting. This is a form of EMDR and hypnotherapy, which allows access to the nervous system. What is so amazing about this technique is the depth of processing that naturally occurs through using eye focus and bilateral music. A relevant visual spot is located and all the associated material starts to process, all the way down to the level of the nervous system. Various physical sensations and emotions can start bubbling up naturally, feeling just like they originally. The natural healing mechanisms of breathing, emotional and physical release, and insight can then access and process long buried, or even forgotten trauma. The bottom line is really amazing and exciting symptom resolution. Clients sometimes experience shifts in symptoms they’ve lived with for half their lives after the first or second session. That doesn’t mean that this is a 'quick fix'. It usually takes some time to access and fully process the material locked in the body. But the bottom line is that the body/mind/consciousness really can heal quite organically when we can connect our natural resources to our buried trauma!

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