Julisa Adams, MA
Holistic, Transpersonal Psychotherapy
EMDR, Brainspotting and Hypnotherapy

Enjoy lasting freedom and happiness built from within!  Integrate your body, mind & spirit!


"Julisa has helped me to value and embrace my own process. She helps me to get to the core of the issue. I feel that my work with her has helped me to make significant and profound changes in my life."
- Jessica, Boulder

"As teacher and therapist, Julisa addresses my whole self, body/mind/spirit, leading me to discover more authenticity, wellness and meaning in my life. Her insight, compassion, intuition and whole-hearted presence are rooted in the dedication she brings to her own spiritual practice and inner work."
- Janice, Boulder

"The uniqueness of Julisa's work is the way she masterfully integrates my growth experiences into the flow of life, the greater spiritual picture. I often leave the session feeling that all in the world really is Divine, my life is unfolding just as it is meant to be."
- Lisa J., Boulder

"I came to Julisa because I was dealing with unresolvable pain. She helped me go deep inside to release and heal the emotions and experiences that were the cause and now I'm pain free! From my work with Julisa I have learned to be aware of my thoughts and feelings in the moment in my relationships and make better decisions and choices as a result, rather than reacting angrily. Julisa's gentleness, compassion and connection to source create the safe and spiritually based place that encouraged me to explore and grow. She is very skillful!"
- A. W., Boulder

"Working with Julisa has transformed my life. I am able to conduct my life from a more conscious position, and be proactive instead of simply reactive. This is not simply 'talk-therapy'. Julisa provides her clients with an active approach to learning new ways to view the past, present and future. This has allowed me to take charge of my life."
- Anne S., Denver

"Julisa has guided and supported me in the work of deep transformation. I am much more peaceful, free, and empowered in my day-to-day life from having been her client. She is patient, gentle, intuitive and very skilled. Julisa's high level of integrity and commitment to her clients' growth and health is rare. Her lifelong commitment to her own growth comes across in her work and has inspired me. She is truly "walking the walk."
- M. J., Boulder

"I have become more aware of personality types which has allowed me to really understand friends, co-workers and family members on a much deeper level. I am so much more compassionate, professional and have more real relationships with these people. Julisa is a kind, compassionate, non-judgemental therapist. We have worked through both current and past issues, thought patterns, and personality traits to the point where I am increasingly more aware and able to solve my own negative patterns. My entire being is much more integrated and accepting of myself and others."
- Tracy J., Niwot

"As a therapist, Julisa takes an integral, holistic approach in working with you on some of the core issues and challenges in your life that block or prevent you from fully developing as a human being and enjoying life to its fullest. By integral approach, I especially refer to her passion for helping you to reconnect with the divine and helping you to feel the flow and presence in every part of your physical being, which brings healing, light and release. I also refer to her desire to help you understand how that awareness of presence and flow can surround and hold your everyday experiences physically, mentally and emotionally, and not be just one-off experiences scheduled for a set time and place. For me, through brainspotting work, breathing techniques and guided meditation, Julisa has helped me to identify the places in my physical body where I have stored up pain, anger and sadness, and to allow the presence and light of God to flow through and heal by bringing awareness to those blockages. This work has then helped me to feel lighter and happier outside of therapy and has renewed in me a desire to get back into the habit of turning to the overwhelming love and grace of God when new challenges and struggles arise -- allowing them to serve as opportunities for personal growth and as a catalyst for drawing even closer to God."
- Hannah, Boulder

"I just wanted to say thank you for my session on Friday. I had no idea what to expect but drove home smiling the whole way. It feels like that was just what I needed before my surgery tomorrow. I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your work. I was honestly stunned by your ability to keep your emotions completely out and allow the entire space for your patient. I have been to many therapists, doctors and healers and am not sure I have ever come across someone so capable of stepping completely out of the way and just allowing the space for the patient. That really is a gift."
- Chrissy, Boulder

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