Julisa Adams, MA
Holistic, Transpersonal Psychotherapy
EMDR, Brainspotting and Hypnotherapy

Enjoy lasting freedom and happiness built from within!Integrate your body, mind & spirit!
Experience the power of healing at the level of the unconscious & the nervous system.

re you ready to experience deep and lasting shifts in your life? Is it time to get to the bottom of the patterns that hold you back and realize your soul's vision? I will help you attain the goals your have for your life and leave therapy with the tools to maintain a new level of happiness and wholeness.

I have developed an approach which integrates powerful techniques for change such as hypnotherapy, EMDR, and Brainspotting within a framework of deep gentleness and respect. My work is based on the principles of Hakomi; awareness of the body, mindfulness (present-centered awareness), holistic thinking and non-violence, among others. We will use music alternating between the left and right ears (and hemispheres of the brain) to stimulate deeper processing in the nervous system, organic shifts, and integration of new insights and expanded states of consciousness. This process follows the intelligence of your own body, mind and spirit and allows us to get to theroot of issues quickly. My clients are typically amazed by this, bypassing hours of talking, and pleasantly surprised that the shifts oftenstart occurring in the first session. Peoplefrequently come backamazed by how naturally and even effortlessly change is occurring.

I have also spent years learning about natural healing methods that primarily work with the body, particularly amino acid therapy, nutrition, and herbs. I invite new clients to fill out an extensive questionnaire about your life history including physical issues, lifestyle, medical history and spiritual history. I like to begin by reading this and looking for important clues to help you feel better quickly. Frequently, after reading this, I have ideas for you, suggestions or books to read starting at the first session.

Working with your True Nature, or the core of pure consciousness within you is one of my great joys as a therapist.This work allows you to contact your inner, spiritual core, and start to use it as a resource in your life. Your essential core is awareness, deep peace, joy, love, compassion, trust, aliveness and connection with all of life. Together we will soften the defenses and blocks which limit your connection with your essential Self. This inner, or Higher Self is a powerful tool for transformation, self-acceptance, strength, insight and trust.

I have pages on this site about my work with couples, specifically, as well as some of my other specialities.This includes spirituality, weight loss, depression and auto-immunedisorders, chronic illness or pain and trauma, particularly childhood trauma or abuse/neglect.I also integrate the enneagram into my work as well as Non-Violent Communication and other more cognitive tools.

I have been in private practice, working with individuals and couples, since 1993, and guiding workshops, teaching classes and leading groups since 1996.

Healing methods used:

This work starts where you are and can take you to your highest vision for your life. Here are some issues I've successfully helped clients to heal in myeighteen years in private practice:

  • childhood trauma and abuse
  • depression and anxiety
  • emptiness and spiritual disconnection
  • fears and phobias
  • codependency and relationship issues in general
  • addictions, including smoking
  • weight loss
  • increasing personal power and prosperity - right livelihood
  • self-esteem, self-love, connection to Source
  • chronic physical illness, immune disorders
  • childbirth, abortion, illness, surgery, death, grief
  • marriage and divorce, step-parenting
  • career barriers, life visioning
  • stress and pain
  • sexual issues
  • insomnia

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