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Are you ready to be at peace with your body? Have you had enough of struggling with your body image, your weight, what you eat, and your self-esteem? Maybe by now, you understand that this isn’t a simple issue of self-control or will power, and counting calories. Food is a very emotional subject. We all have reasons why we eat the way we do and why we look the way we do. Most of us are looking to food to meet lots of psychological needs, and are often unaware of how poorly our actual physical, emotional or spiritual needs are getting met. However, just reading books about this, doesn't make it easy to simply starting "eating right." We have to truly understand what's going on inside, on all levels, to change deeply ingrained patterns. Sometimes it's more physical, and it's about detoxing and healing systems in the body that are compromised. We can address both sides of this complex subject at once with compassion and patience. Stress management can be a big key, since as this world gets more and more stressful, we need lots of support to not overuse food as a coping mechanism.

In the years that I’ve been helping people find peace with food, I've noticed that it is often connected with co-dependency. You may have learned to disconnect from your inner, feeling world and your needs, and turn yourself into what others want or expect. Food may have become a compensation. We can work on what you really need, so you don't need "emotional eating." We all unconsciously use numbing with food or other things to cope with pain, frustration, disappointment, trauma and self-esteem issues. Trauma healing alone can help your nervous system relax and let go of stress weight. Your body and mind want to find balance and ease, and I can help you get there and make it sustainable. 

We are also living in an increasingly toxic world with processed foods that can damage various systems in the body. It can be very helpful to learn about what your GI system may need to be balanced and relaxed such as food sensitivities or gut imbalances. My approach is based on Functional Medicine, "root cause resolution." Weight issues are also often about thyroid, adrenal or hormonal imbalances, insomnia, infections or other physical issues which I can help you explore and heal. I can teach you stress management tools such as meditation, yoga, tapping, using essential oils, herbs among other things which heal the vagus nerve. This has become essential, as we cope with an increasingly stressful and uncertain world and get stuck in fight/flight which is so hard on the body and vagus nerve.

My intention is for you to be at a healthy, comfortable weight, but more importantly, for you to have a cleaner, freer relationship with yourself and your body. This doesn’t happen in a couple of sessions, but unlike dieting, the changes come from the core, and are therefore more permanent. We will explore, address and heal the aspects of this topic which are specific to you to find natural and sustained inner peace with food.

“I sought out Julisa for help with weight issues and depression that had plagued me for years. Not only have I seen a tremendous improvement in those symptoms, but I have also learned how to delve into my subconscious mind and find their underlying causes. I have been shocked and amazed to discover how many factors, big and small, old and new, have contributed to the extra pounds. This is not a quick-fix weight loss fad. This is a real, lasting solution with benefits that ripple out into every area of my life. Thanks to Julisa’s help, I am finally learning to heal the root causes of my weight problem and, in so doing, healing a number of my issues as well! I also appreciate the wealth of practical nutritional information she has shared with me. Through a combination of therapy and amino acid supplements, I am no longer on anti-depressants. I have more energy and confidence, and I am on way to good health! Best of all, I am learning to love and honor myself as I am now while still working toward a healthier, happier me!”

R., Boulder

Weight loss: Testimonials
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