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You will learn how to access what your body needs and knows through present centered awareness/mindfulness

We will work with present-centered awareness of the body to uncover the patterns of tension and numbing which are responsible for discomfort and feeling stuck. Breathwork is used to soften and release pain, unconscious holding patterns, and to connect more deeply with all the layers of the psyche. The key to body-centered psychotherapy is that the unconscious mind, which holds our memories and traumas, is in the body. So in therapy, slowing down and feeling into sensations opens the door to having frozen pain gently sequence out of the body. When the pain releases, the defenses that have held it at bay can effortlessly soften. This allows embodiment and presence to naturally deepen without effort. You will notice things like, feeling more relaxed, being more comfortable in your body, being more connected to yourself and others, and a more robust sense of health. Combining this with hypnosis is a wonderful and effective approach for healing physical symptoms as well as psychological issues. We can discover the roots of illness, and bring transformation from a deep level. This allows both traditional and alternative types of healing work that you are doing to become more effective. Additionally, working with the body in this fashion leads to a stronger sense of aliveness and more natural joy and expressiveness. This work, also known as somatic psychotherapy, can be done in the usual chair in the office, or we can move to a table and combine energy work which brings in another level of support and natural healing.

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