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Work directly with the unconscious mind

Hypnosis is a method for accessing the unconscious, which is where old learning is held like programming on the hard drive of a computer. It is a gentle, enjoyable process of getting below surface thoughts and discovering deep seated beliefs, patterns and pictures about how life works. Once these images, memories, beliefs and feelings are brought into awareness, they can be updated and unlearned.
Transpersonal hypnotherapy refers to bringing the spiritual resources into contact with these old patterns, which is naturally transformative. That can include accessing expanded, spiritual states of consciousness and even things like past-life regression and communication with beings who have left the body. Hypnosis is gentle, relaxing and enjoyable. When you feel safe and ready, it is quite easy to slip into a “trance,” and then to learn to take yourself there on your own.
Hypnosis creates changes in the outer life which are organic and often effortless. Best of all, since we are working with “programming” on the deepest level, changes are usually permanent! Note: I do not simply “reprogram” your unconscious to do what you want it to do. I help your psyche work through issues so that it can release programing and source from the vast wisdom of your deepest Self. For me, the essence of being a hypnotherapist is loving the psyche and learning to listen to, respect, follow and understand the natural unfolding of my client’s inner world.

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