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We will explore expanded states of consciousness and use them as resources for healing and Self-Realization

Transpersonal psychology is based on the understanding that there is a larger reality than the mind and ego. This larger reality is the realm of consciousness, or awareness, which includes our Essential Self, or True Nature, Soul or Spirit.

We will use present centered awareness to help you go through specific wounds into the aspects of Self that your wounding blocked. Then, once you have accessed them, our work will help you stabilize and integrate these expanded states of consciousness, such as joy, compassion, love, strength, value, oneness, etc.

Presence oriented, or mindfulness-based therapy is based on the principles of meditation and hypnosis, which means observing inner experience with compassion and openness. This work is focused, deep, very organic and effective.

Brainspotting is an ideal tool for Transpersonal therapy, because eye positions allow us to reconnect with spiritual or expanded states of consciousness simply through adjusting the orientation of the eyes. This allows the larger Self to heal contracted or wounded parts. Using tools from Somatic experiencing, such as pendulation and titration, energy and awareness organically and profoundly clear wounds and patterns. It's a true joy to witness the beauty of consciousness clearing itself.

 Additionally, my clients often get so much out of using mindfulness in sessions that they go on to develop a meditation practice, if they don’t already have one, and find that the therapy makes their meditations easier, deeper and more enjoyable. 

Transpersonal hypnotherapy means using an altered state of consciousness to work with various domains of consciousness which are beyond the standard mind based reality. This can include spiritual contact with ancestors or guides such as in shamanic journeying. It can include healing work with individuals you are no longer in contact with, as well as work with the future and the past, including past lives. I will use my connection to my own guides and work with the Transpersonal beings who you are connected with, or help you to create that connection. 

Transpersonal therapy: Services
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