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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Wo


A type of body-centered, mindfulness based psychotherapy which is organic, respectful, powerful and deep. It is useful both for individual and couples' therapy.

Hakomi is a method of psychotherapy which has it's roots in bioenergetics, the work of Wilhelm Reich, and Taoism, the nature-based foundation of Zen. In the 1980s, before mindfulness became popular in psychology, and the popular culture as a whole, this approach grew out of the field of experiential therapy, with the emphasis on openness to discovery and change through observation of present moment experience. Patterns can be changed experientially, rather than abstractly or intellectually. The key is to follow the natural intelligence of the psyche by using somatic mindfulness to go deeper than the ego/mind. The approach is based on the realization that awareness itself is an incredible guide and healer.

I studied Hakomi partially through being a client in Hakomi, both on my own and with my partners over many years with many different Hakomi therapists. This approach was the basis of my first three years of therapy in the early 1990s. So, you could say, I learned it first from the inside. It is a beautiful approach for trauma work because it is so respectful and non-invasive. It is also particularly appropriate for you if you've learned that it's not safe in your body, but you understand the importance of healing that foundational relationship with yourself. Hakomi teaches self love, connection and compassion in a very effective and organic process.

Hakomi therapy: Service
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