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Young man meditating on top ocean cliff


We are in a crisis of meaning
This is the most central topic of my life

We are living through a massive breakdown of life as we know it here on earth. We must have a meaningful path through the loss and fear, anger and grief, which dominate our experience these days. We need more than the family religion or intellectual ideals, to process the fifth mass extinction, global climate instability, combined with political, economic and social disruption. I have spent my life, since my first spiritual experience at 16, digging deep into issues of meaning and truth. I love helping clients recover from institutional religious domination and find their own genuine inner guides into healing, wholeness, connection and meaning. As a great teacher of humanity once said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." You can have direct experience of the underlaying nature of reality and find your guidance, strength and hope through your inner journey. This is the path of direct experience, or mysticism, which has been the core thread of my life. I take profound joy in participating in and nurturing that unfolding in my clients. It has always been the deepest and most sublime part of my work. This is an unprecedented  time of transformation. That can be terrifying or enlightening.

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